Reach your goals.

"Kara is an amazing guide and coach to help kids navigate the process of preparing and applying for college. Her experience and knowledge helps ease the angst around the process and deadlines for applications...for both kids and parents."

Mike Blacker

"Kara is passionate about youth and education, and she graciously dedicated countless hours for nearly 2 years to patiently guide and counsel my daughter (and me!) navigate the world of college admissions. She is an expert in this field and asked thoughtful questions about my daughter's college aspirations, then developed a personalized plan to help her achieve her academic goals. Kara also strategically kept my daughter on track and uniquely complimented the work of my daughter's high school counselors to enhance and expand our understanding of what often times was a very complex and confusing process. My daughter completed her applications with plenty of time for review, little stress and submitted them early. Without a doubt, she would have had a completely different experience without Kara."

Tiarzha Taylor

"I am the first generation in my family to study in the United States, and education has been hard to access. During middle school I joined Get Ready!, and this program helped me open my mind to the idea of college and higher education. This program has helped me build a path to success in my life."

Cesar Celon-Herrera, high school student

"I look forward to Get Ready! a lot because the program has helped me learn about colleges and jobs that I might want to do in the future. Kara has been really helpful with everything school wise, too; she helps us stay on track with everything. Get Ready! is a safe place, where students can ask questions and learn new things, and I recommend trying it."

Vanessa, 8th Grader